Here is a true story about a professional forex trader.

Bob Aristide is making a consistent 5 figure income trading forex in the comfort of his own home. It wasn’t that way all the time. He started off like anyone else…and needed time to discover through the trading world of hard knocks to hone his skills. But then losing money is a good teacher. It forces you to face the truth about your trading. You got to sit up, face the facts and the figures, and work out what is going wrong and how you can be successful. That was what Bob Aristide found out early in his forex trading career. It was losing trade after trade, and it wasn’t a good feeling to lose money. Bob wished he could dig a hole and hide his head into the sand like an ostrich.

One day, he summoned enough courage to talk to an old man who seemed to be always celebrating his success in making a killing in the forex markets. Stern though he was, Bob managed to humbly and politely asked him to be his mentor, to teach him what he knew…and of course for a price.

It really accelerates your learning curve if you have a mentor who can shave off years of experience from your self driven effort to learn the best in forex trading…someone who is willing to show you what indicators to use to identify a trade, where to enter and at what price and when to exit, skills that will allow you to pounce on the best trading setups with the natural reflexes of a cat!

It is very rare to find a professional trader who would be willing to reveal his powerful trading secrets and take you by the hand so that you can duplicate his trading system.

In Bob’s case, he was pleasantly surprised because this old man did accept to be his mentor, and shortly after, Bob was successfully trading on his own. He never had a losing month for the first year after that training.

The morale of this story?

If you are struggling in your trading, be it in stocks or shares or in forex trading, find yourself a mentor and learn from him. This will shave years of your personal learning and add countless powerful tips to your trading arsenal that you can use almost instantly. If you do not have enough experience, tap the experience of others and make it your own. Then you will find success coming your way.