Wealth is a state of mind

Firstly let’s get your view on the subject of money:

1. What is your emotional relationship towards money?

2. How do you feel inside when the thought of money enters your mind?

3. Do you feel tense and frustrated when you think about money?

People that don’t have much money feel frustrated when they think about money. They get images of the lack of money. The debt they may have comes into mind. They think that becoming wealthy is really hard work. They may blame wealthy people for the lack of money that the poor experience.

For poor people money is something that they have to earn to meet the basic necessities of everyday life. The mortgage or rent payments, credit card debts, loans, household bills.

Wealthy people see money as a commodity that gets them things in life that make their life more enjoyable. Money gets them their dream home, luxury cars, holidays, designer clothes. Money gives them freedom to live the lifestyle of their choice.

Those who think rich are rich! Those who think poverty live in poverty!

Wealth and Poverty are two sides of the same coin. Which side of the coin are you looking at?

Your current financial situation is a direct reflection of the thoughts and feeling you have about money.

Before we move any further, I would like you to accept the fact that your current financial situation is a result of your own doing. Don’t blame other people or external circumstances. Once you are able to accept this, you will be able to change your financial status.

The simple fact is, if you accept that you have created your poverty, you can undo it and live in financial abundance.

Once you have a burning desire to become wealthy and are focused and committed, results will follow.

Start by seeing yourself living in abundance. See yourself surrounded by wealth and living the lifestyle of your dreams. Fire up this image of wealth with your emotions, feel the joy and happiness it brings you. Do this everyday until you become comfortable with being wealthy.

In order to attract more wealth into your life, you have to form crystal clear images of what you want. You have to be clear about why you want something and what you will feel once you have it. If you want a brand new house, ask yourself why you want it and how you will feel once you get it.

Once you know what you want and why you want it, visualise yourself in possession of it. Emotionalise your feelings in the present, feel the feeling of having it now. It’s your feelings that will start attracting the things into your life.

If you need to earn a certain amount of money on a monthly basis, put a precise figure to it. Start to visualise it in the present tense. “I am earning $10,000 monthly”. Give this visualisation some emotion. “I am earning $10,000 monthly. I feel secure about my financial future. I am really happy and grateful that I am able to earn $10,000 every month”.

You do get what you focus on with your mind and heart. Your mind provides the inner vision and your heart provides the courage and faith to push you forward.

Attracting Wealth is simple, if you have decided to become wealthy, you need to change your thoughts and feelings about money. If you don’t, expect to live in poverty!

There are NO LIMITS to how much wealth YOU can ATTRACT.

Some people are happy earning $1000’s monthly others are happy earning $1000000’s monthly. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Roman Abramovich, Michael Dell and Donald Trumph earn $Millions every month. The founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page both in their 30’s earn $Millions monthly.

All the above mentioned Billionaires are self-made, they did not inherit much. They believed in their dreams, took action and the rest was history.

Follow your emotions and go for the million dollar or billion dollar idea that comes to your mind. Don’t set it off for tomorrow, take action NOW! Keep your vision fired up by emotionalising it. Make a commitment to see it through, and you will find that the people, tools and resources that you need will come along.

Another tool that you can use to accelerate your Attraction of Wealth is by using affirmations that are emotionalised.

If your burning desire is to have an abundance of money to meet your needs, practice this affirmation: “I always have an abundance of money to meet all my needs.” Repeat it several times with faith and visualise the money coming into your bank account or as checks in the post. Feel as though the money has come to you and you are meeting you needs.

After each session of affirmations, look out for ideas and inspirations that point to the way that this money is going to materialise. You may be required to take some simple actions that you were holding off for some time.

The following are some affirmations that you may want to use. Choose what feels right for you, change the words to make it right for you. It will be right, when you feel good about the words in the affirmation.

*Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

*I always get the money for whatever I need

*There is an unlimited supply of wealth in the universe

*I look forward to my supply of this unlimited abundance

*My greatest abundance is coming to me now

*I attract wealth like a magnet

Always supply you mind with images of prosperity. Don’t read or watch things related to poverty. Start noticing the prosperity around you, appreciate the things that wealth can bring into your life. Look out for the luxury cars on the road, appreciate the wealthy residences that you go past.

Read articles on the world’s wealthiest people. Explore the Forbes Lists and Lifestyle section. Associate with wealthy people, spend less time with people that are broke.

Read about the businesses that the world’s wealthiest people are involved in. Take advice from people that are wealthier than you.

It takes time and effort to break free from the limiting beliefs that you have developed about wealth. With consistent effort and determination you will create new beliefs about wealth and start moving towards your dreams.