This time it will be our own governments mostly that will do the victimizing but some businesses will get it on it as well. Its simply one of the biggest revenue generating processes utilized by various levels of governments that very little is known of by the regular citizen. It causes family savings to be lost, assets to go uncovered and even inheritances to disappear over time. It victimizes the poor disproportionately than any other class in our society. It takes away from those who need it the most… like poor, middle class and poverty level citizens. But this process has also been known to victimize people of all classes and races in the United States. What are we talking about? Unclaimed Money is the name of the game. Millions of dollars that were in utility deposits, savings bonds, bank accounts, family properties, safe deposits contents and a slew of other unclaimed assets and money is turned over to various government agencies every year, with only a small amount ever being returned to the rightful owners or heirs. This unclaimed money windfall is actually multiplied TENFOLD because of disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

During these times there is a very very large portion of those who lose their home and important papers in the process, to also forget the location of many of their assets. Once these assets go unclaimed for a specified amount of time, they are usually turned over to a government agency with the hope of finding the owners of record. But history has shown that these unclaimed assets and unclaimed money accounts are seldom recovered because the government does a very poor job of tracking the unclaimed accounts owners or rightful heirs. This is the same government that can track you down for past taxes, criminal behavior, outstanding tickets and summonses, child support and just about any outstanding debt you may owe them. But they seem to have an inability to deploy these same tactics to return your unclaimed money and unclaimed property when these came into their coffers. Can you imagine how many THOUSANDS or even TENS OF THOUSANDS of bank accounts, family deeds, bonds, insurance policies, store and utility deposits information has been lost due to the recent disaster?

The sad part is that these are people who are victims already, and they are also prime targets for this unclaimed property victimization that comes later… courtesy of the state and federal governments. Did you know that it is estimated that 7 out of 10 people have unclaimed money that they don’t know about? That is an AMAZING 70%! How would you like a business where people placed their valuables with you but only 30% of them ever came to claim their property later? That would be a very desirable business venture wouldn’t it? Well it is also estimated that these government agencies are now holders of over $1 TRILLION dollars of unclaimed money and unclaimed property. Have you already been a victim of this practice? Has a present or deceased family member been a victim of this unclaimed money and unclaimed property practice? Do you have unclaimed money owed to you? Don’t delay and find out today because the truth of the matter is that most of the people that are reading this article already have money owed to them, or they will have money owed to them in the future. The key is knowing all of the places to look.