Once you decide that you want to make a statement and have your own unique personalized check, it is only matter of time before you decide how to order. Ordering online has become the fastest way to obtain those individualized checks. In a matter of minutes, you can have all the business checks, computer checks, or laser checks that you need. Just pick the site you want to order from and log in.

The online order process is convenient and safe, but be sure to pick the type of check that matches your software. Some sites allow you to order or reorder online only if your financial institution partners with the company as their check supplier or if you have previously placed an order with them. You need to know the next consecutive check starting number and should not have any changes to the information printed on your checks. If you need your order to be sent to a different address than the one your checks have been previously delivered to, then you may not be able to order online. Most sites ship orders within three to five business days.

What you can order depends on the kind of account you have with your financial institution. You may be able to order only some kind of check designs or make changes only to certain features of your check. Changes to personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) printed on your checks are not allowed for security reasons.

Information on orders received online is usually stored for three years. If you have not ordered personal checks through your financial institution within the past three years, or the computer system is unable to retrieve your order history, you will be required to contact your financial institution to place your order.

If you want to order by ordinary mail, you will have to send a voided check from your current supply, a deposit slip, a printed mail/fax order form, and the payment check. Originals have to be sent, as they are encoded with your bank’s routing number and your account number.