Do you enjoy fixing someone’s hair? How about doing their nails? Have you gone to a salon and thought you would like to work there? Now, have you looked at the price to go to a Cosmetology school and decided you couldn’t afford it? Well, if any of these are true, you might want to look into a Cosmetology Scholarship.

There are few things you should know, such as that there are different scholarships available, what requirements are needed to be considered, what the scholarship actually covers, what schools offer it, and other relative information.

The first is for the NCA Sally Beauty Scholarship. In this scholarship, there are Ten $1000 scholarships awarded for three different categories. The first five go to High School Graduates, under the age of 26. The second is for three scholarships for the current NCA members to continue their education, while the third scholarship category is for two children or grandchildren of NCA members pursuing advanced education.

Another Cosmetology Scholarship program is the Ace Grant Scholarship, AHBAI Scholarship, which has two types available, and the scholarships will range from $250 to $500 equaling a total of $5,000 awarded in all.

The NCEA and AACS are offering the first Esthetician Scholarship program; these students will receive a $1,000 scholarship while attending the AACS member schools. We then have Joseph Francis Scholarship Foundation, where 16 students will receive $1,000 each. To find out what scholarships are available, you need to check out your local school and ask for a list of programs available. You can also look online at various sites as well.

What requirements need to be considered? There a few requirements to getting a Cosmetic Scholarship, but I am only including the ones that are requested by each of them. You will have to check with your area to make sure you have all you will need. The first requirement is either a High School Diploma or GED, as with any college, you need to complete your state’s high school requirements. The second is you have to have a steady attendance record and a good grade average, usually 3.0 (B) or better. You should also fit the requirements for needing financial assistance as well. All scholarships have a form to fill out and some require documentation from area salons.

What do the scholarships actually cover? The scholarships are designed to cover the cost of fees, tuition, and testing geared towards your degree. Sometimes books are covered also.

What schools offer cosmetology scholarships? There are a few schools offering them, however you need to know where you will be attending college or at the least which state, to get a better list of schools. I am only including a couple or them. One is the Nail Tech and Beauty School in Minnesota and the other is Stewart School in South Dakota. There are cosmetology schools in virtually every state, and most of them offer cosmetology scholarships to some degree. Some of the leading cosmetology product manufacturers also offer scholarships to pursue a career in some facet of cosmetology.