For the vast majority of people living with too much debt is a burden that threatens the very foundation of their financial lives. Many financial experts like to distinguish between good and bad debt, but when there is too much of both it all seems bad no matter how you look at it. It all has to be paid no matter how good or how bad it may be. If this is you then a debt consolidation refinance loan may be the best way to get some relief.

If you are swimming in a pool full of debt that includes credit cards, car payments or medical bills it may be worth looking at some form of debt consolidation loan. This type of loan has become very popular in recent years because of the ability to take all your monthly payments and roll them into one payment at a significantly lower interest rate. The nice thing about this type of loan is that the interest is deductible on your income taxes.

The easiest way to do a debt consolidation refinance loan is to borrow money against the equity built up in your home. Your equity is value of your home minus any outstanding mortgage or second mortgage you may owe on it. This is important to remember because you are using your home as collateral so it’s imperative that you are sure that you can meet the monthly payments. You can use this equity to pay off any high-interest credit cards and lower your monthly payments at a lower interest rate.

But, and this is a very big but, you need to destroy all your credit cards and cancel the accounts if you do this. The temptation to start using them again is more then most people can handle and if you are not careful and rack up more credit card debt you may be in even worse financial shape. And if you default on your home equity loan the lender can foreclose and seize your home to recoup the cost of the loan. It is important to use a debt consolidation refinance loan as part of an overall program to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

Typically the interest rate you will pay on a debt consolidation loan is much less then on credit cards or other types of loans you may have. This is the main reason that these types of loans are so popular. With a lower rate more of your money can go towards paying the principal getting you debt free in a shorter amount of time.

Getting out of debt should be a priority for everyone. Debt is debt and the more you have the greater your chance of never experiencing true financial freedom. With that being said doing a debt consolidation refinance can be a good starting point for getting your finances under control to a point where you can breath easier and start building a brighter financial future.