You will see lots of Forex trading systems online which tell you, they make huge gains and then fail when you try them for yourself but the one enclosed, we are going to review is different – not only does it have a real time audited track record, its also designed by a true trading legend – let’s review the system.

You will get lots of robots which claim to make big money but you can never find any background to the trader (apart from the affiliates selling the system) and despite the claims of real time results, you never get an audited account statement and this is because they have made no money.

The system we are going to look at was designed by a true trading legend – Richard Dennis and it’s track record is audited as making millions in profit. This system was designed to prove, that anyone could learn to trade and make money, if they had the right system and he was proved right – the traders he taught, used the rules and the system piled up millions in audited profits.

If you want to read more about the experiment and the system, its featured in one of the best selling investment books of al time – Market Wizards and has also been featured, in numerous other publications.

These rules have now been computerized and are available in the new Turtle trading robot which gives you another huge advantage – Before you buy it, you can read the rules and logic, so you can see EXACTLY why it makes money which gives you the confidence to purchase the system.

Not being a robot which has a made up track record, you will have periods of draw down but long term, the system is highly profitable and you can make a great triple digit income in around 30 minutes a day. If you are serious about making money in currency trading, check out the Turtle trading, Fore trading system and you will see, how it can lead you to long term Forex trading success.