In today’s web-driven world, it is more important to have an online presence rather than spending money on traditional forms of advertising. However, spending millions of dollars will go to waste if you do not know about the correct digital marketing techniques. One of the crucial aspects of online marketing is developing and managing more than one website. In the auto industry, to capture maximum car leads, you need to create an effective online promotional strategy that includes creating auto dealer leads sites and landing pages.

The website that you create should look professional and have an easy navigation system for the readers to smoothly move from one web page to another. Every web page must load quickly; otherwise you will loose the chance of retaining maximum visitors. Automotive lead sites should have an eye-catching layout and appealing content to foster an interest for a thoughtful read and also to help people take a car buying decision quickly.


The homepage should give a brief summary of what the entire website is about. It should contain section buttons clicking on which the visitor will land to that specific page. A car lead generation site should also contain a call to action page – a page where a soft-copy lead inquiry form is found for the visitors to fill up the same and write down the questions to resolve their queries related to car buying plans.

Lead Inquiry Form

A lead inquiry or conversion form should contain sections that you feel is important to keep as a record. The important sections are name, zip code, email address, mobile number, etc. However, it is better not to make the form lengthy adding unnecessary fields to bore people and make them lose interest in your site.

Contact Us Page

Automotive lead sites should also contain a contact page where the phone number and email address should be given for the potential car buyers to call or email for business purpose. Also, don’t forget to add your office address in order to build up credibility and goodwill amongst the car buyers.

FAQ Page

Today, maximum sites contain a FAQ or frequently asked questions page. It is good to have such a web page to let the visitors freely ask questions and clear their doubts right away. Such a page also helps to strengthen the bond between you and the potential customers and enables you to learn more about people who are genuinely interested to purchase a four-wheeler.

Landing pages are single web pages designed for a more direct call to action. They contain a lead conversion form that a person fills up to learn more about a specific model of car, its features, and price. Responding to the questions help keep intact the interest of an individual with car buying plans to your site rather than forcing him to think about moving to any car leads website.

To win the confidence of a maximum number of people, auto dealer leads specialists ensure their site is well guarded from any possible hacking. Every website should be kept secured via SSL encryption codes or taking the professional assistance of online security programs provided by companies such as Kaspersky or Verisign.